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carleton designs

Carolyn Carleton Browe’s studio of Carleton Designs has been hand weaving rugs and carpets since 1980. Her handweaving studio works in all natural materials from wool and silk to felt, paper, leather and suede.

Carleton Designs flatweave rugs are hand-dyed and handwoven in the American summer-winter tradition. Combining the highest quality Argentine worsted wool, Belgian linen and Swiss dyes of the most subtle shadings, these rugs are timeless in beauty and unrivaled in durability.

The studio’s felt rugs are a unique blend of durability of 1/4” felt, softness of merino wool and  beauty of hand stitching.  Available in 5 heathered naturals and 20 acid-dyed vibrant colors, all designs are available on a custom commission basis in sizes from large main carpets to area rugs and runners.

Carleton Designs welcomes custom projects in flatwoven and felt rugs for unique installations of floor art. Please contact us for more information, pricing  and a list of national sales representatives for our rugs.

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